Industry Studies

Development Research Partners prepares specialized research projects including industry cluster research, industry trends analysis, and strategic competitive analysis.

Recent Projects include:

Metro Denver and Northern Colorado Key Industry Clusters
On-going since 2001

There are nine key industry clusters operating in the nine-county Metro Denver and Northern Colorado region. Constant monitoring of current trends in the industries helps to identify prevailing business cycles so that efforts related to the industries can be shifted strategically. At some points, these clusters present opportunities for recruitment and growth. At other points, economic development efforts should be focused on retention of the companies and their employment base. This on-going industry cluster effort includes numerous components ranging from providing research and assistance in the creation of widely-distributed marketing materials to the development of internal market intelligence to be used in conjunction with deal-specific activities. The current industry cluster reports are available on the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.’s website.

Denver South Industry Cluster Profiles
On-going since 2014

The Denver South region is a major economic engine in the metro Denver area. Development Research Partners identified seven major industry clusters in the region for the Denver South Economic Development Partnership including aerospace, broadcasting & telecommunications, energy, engineering services, financial services, healthcare & life sciences, and IT-software & electronics. The studies identify a variety of key reasons companies in each of these clusters locate in the Denver South region, an in-depth profile of the workforce of each of the clusters, employment trends, provide and industry news. The current industry cluster reports are available on the Denver South Economic Development Partnership’s website.

Jefferson County Workforce Profiles
Summer 2016

A talented workforce is critical for the continued success of any business. Development Research Partners worked with the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation to profile the workforce characteristics for seven key industry clusters in the county. The profiles included an analysis of employment growth, wages by occupation, occupational mix, educational attainment, and the education pipeline.

Denver Post’s Progress Colorado – Business and Economic Guide
Spring 2016

Colorado ranked as the second-fastest growing state in terms of population and added the seventh-most number of new residents in 2015. Economic indicators in Colorado generally point to a state that is in the midst of a strong growth trend, with a declining unemployment rate, more confident consumers, rising home prices, and increasing construction activity. Progress Colorado, which was developed and published by the Denver Post highlights several of the exciting industry sectors that drive the Colorado economy and how each contributes to the state’s robust growth.